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In our industry, many promise, and few deliver. Australian businesses are often bombarded by unscrupulous operators with no certification from Google whatsoever. Many of these operators are ‘here today and gone tomorrow’ and have little or no experience in effectively managing Google AdWords campaigns, let alone optimising to deliver maximum returns.


Mr Search® takes pride in delivering a high level of service that you can count on. We're helpful, highly-experienced, certified by Google, and our industry-leading campaign strategy has been proven time and time again. Our results speak for themselves, click here to read what our clients have to say.

No Hassles

  • We do all the work for you! You manage your business, while our Google specialists professionally manage your online marketing, and Google Exposure to deliver maximum returns for your business

Maximise Returns

  • Our industry leading programming and optimisation techniques ensure your investment in advertising returns the maximum possible result. Benefit from our highly-comprehensive campaign programming, the lowest possible AdWords click costs from Google, pinpoint accuracy, and powerful ad-creatives, ensuring maximum response.
  • Online Marketing, and Google AdWords Advertising is what we live and breathe! Rest assured we're qualified by Google as a Google AdWords Certified Partner, as well as a Google Analytics Professional, and Google Apps Authorised Reseller.

Spare Your Sanity

  • Mr Search® takes pride in a holistic approach to Google Marketing. For a standard sized campaign what does this mean? Google exposure for thousands of unique keywords relevant to your business. Hundreds of optimised text-ad-creatives and split-ad-testing throughout each and every AdGroup to ensure we are reaching prospective customers in the most effective way possible. Other standard inclusions include conversion tracking (vital in maximising ROI) and custom Google Web Analytics, which our specialists use in campaign optimisation.

We Keep You Smiling

  • With our end-to-end proactive client maintenance system and friendly personalised service, we keep the smile on your face. Our specialists will maintain and optimise your campaign on an ongoing basis, provide you with reports, and even proactively make contact to keep you up to date.
  • Our stated aim is to respond to all client enquiries within the hour throughout business hours. This ambitious target is consistently achieved with over 90% of client enquiries.
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What are you waiting for?

Is your business new to Google advertising? Or do you have an existing campaign and are looking to maximise results with professional Google AdWords management? Contact us today for a free phone consultation, and ensure your investment in Google advertising delivers maximum returns for your business.

About Mr Search®

Mr Search® is a Google Certified partner and quality provider of Google AdWords Management and web solutions for business. Read more...

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