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We take great pride in delivering industry-leading campaign results and friendly personalised service that's second to none. Rather than a client being just another number on a page, we consider our clients to be our partners. Your success is our success:

  • "I joined Mr Search in September 2009 after being recommended by a friend of mine. Prior to that, I had searched and tried different marketing campaigns with different organisations which has proven to be a waste of time and money. I joined Mr Search and found that the service was second to none. The one-to-one communication with Mr Search’s Director Joel Kingston made life much easier for a busy businessman. I would email Joel and within minutes he would get back to me and at the latest before the end of the day. I’m confident to say that this sort of service is rarely found at any level. Joel is polite, courteous and most of all, brilliant at what he does. I have found that Joel truly has my best interests at heart and wants to see my business succeed. He takes what I say on board and makes his own suggestions based on his years of experience. It is truly a team effort. Having tried a number of other marketing campaigns, I must say I was a little sceptical with the Google Campaign I was about to run with Mr Search. Twelve months on, I can confidently say that it was the best business decision I have ever made. The Google campaign now generates approximately 80% of my business which is an outstanding result on all levels. I certainly did not expect these results. The Google campaign is now the only marketing campaign I am running. It is costs effective and saves me spending money on other marketing campaigns. I cannot say enough and if I can narrow my recommendation of Mr Search in only a few words, I would say 'don’t think twice'."

    Joseph Nashed Criminal Defence Lawyers

  • "We have been working with Joel and Mr Search since November 2010 and he's nothing short of amazing. Their commitment to providing outstanding customer results is refreshing and they are always fast to respond to any request. We can highly recommend their AdWords services as second to none."

    Anonymous New Zealand Client

  • Mr Search provide a customised and high calibre service that is second to none. After experiencing costly and lacklustre campaign management in the hands of others, I was lucky enough to find Mr Search and what a difference! Joel is responsive, knowledgeable, always available for advice and continually delivers a quality and timely service. With his efforts we were able to build and sustain an optimal presence and high-functioning Adwords campaign with high click to sales conversion. If you are after someone who genuinely cares about making sure your business thrives you can't go past Mr Search! We can highly recommend their AdWords services as second to none."

    Natasha - Limelight Resumes

  • "When we first moved across to Mr Search for our Adwords Campaign Management our campaign was not working for us at all. Within 2 weeks of using Mr Search for AdWords our ROI started to lift, before too long, for the same Adwords budget we were using with the previous company, 3 times as many leads were coming in. Absolute fantastic result! Mr Search consistently provides Quality Air with results and outstanding service."

    Jess - Quality Air

  • "Don't take candy from strangers. It's an old saying but so relevant to the cut throat world we live in today. My business has enjoyed the spoils of utilising the services of Joel at Mr Search for many years now. During that period, multiple providers approached me in order to switch over to them which I consistently declined. One day however, this incredible company appeared right before me offering everything I could possibly imagine and other things I had never knew existed. After much soul searching I decided to give this incredible new company an opportunity to provide services for my business once our contract with Mr Search had expired. Well what happened next was, for lack of a better word, truly abhorrent. Delays, mistakes, no communication, no responsibility, no understanding, no service, no nothing. The only thing they were able to do correctly and efficiently was to draw money from my business account weeks before the campaign was even due to start. Needless to say, this was possibly one of the worst decisions I have ever made in my professional business career and I have no one but myself to blame for it. To this day it still gets under my skin just remembering what I went through and the amount of lost revenue incurred as a result. If you want the best candy with excellent personalised service, Joel's got it at Mr Search."

    Anthony - Sydney Business Owner

  • "Mr Search is genuinely a fantastic product for your website. When they say they know how to effectively have your business receiving more click-throughs, they really do mean it. Their communication is excellent and they are always willing to work with you in obtaining great results for your website. Our company tried a competitor for only a few months and promptly returned to Mr Search as their performance and service is by far, outstanding. It's great to be back, Mr Search! It is so nice to speak to your qualified Google AdWords Experts personally, without waiting for a response via email that can take days. Don't be fooled by companies that promise better results. Speaking from experience, Mr Search is the real deal."

    Charity - Dental Clinic - VIC

  • "We started using Mr Search in 2009, I can say without doubt that the team at Mr Search are amongst the most diligent professionals I have ever dealt with in my 23 years of business. They treat our issues as if they were their issues. They are always willing to go over and above the call of duty to make sure that each and every one of our queries are dealt with accurately and swiftly. I can particularly recommend Joel as he is our contact person, Joel has always done what he has promised and in every case done it faster than he promised. If all the companies we deal with were like Mr Search our business environment would be practically stress free. I highly recommend this company personally, and am proud to have our company associated with Mr Search."

    Peter Dimitry - Director
    Pure Dry Home Services Pty Ltd

  • "Mr Search has proved an invaluable component to our business. The service has been excellent, and we have benefited greatly from front page Google Exposure."

    James - Victorian Deaf Society

  • "Our Google AdWords campaigns have been managed by Joel from Mr Search for a number of years. Over this time, I have been delighted with their knowledge and level of customer service. Joel always takes the time to discuss the pros and cons for a variety of approaches, ensuring that all of our campaigns are working towards our strategic vision. He frequently provides recommendations to optimize our existing campaigns, as well as assisting us to scope new campaigns.

    Joel's punctuality, attention to detail, knowledge of his field, and commitment to excellent customer service is unparalleled.

    I would recommend Mr Search to anyone in a heartbeat."

    Taria - Investa Land

  • "Mr Search has provided our business great exposure, and we are constantly getting inquiries on a daily basis! The on-going service has been nothing but excellent, and we have benefited greatly from Mr Search."

    Brad - La Trobe University, Eagle Functions

  • "I started my online business in January 2009 and after having a go at the online advertising myself, I quickly realised that I needed help in understanding the ins and outs of AdWords. Initially I picked a company that claimed all kinds of wonderful things, but unfortunately did not take a personal interest in my business or offer any advice as to how I could make improvements to generate more business. As soon as my three month trial ended with them, I started looking for another AdWords marketing company and thankfully I found Joel at Mr Search. Right from the start Joel and his team have taken a genuine interest in my business and have many great ideas for marketing my products and services. Their positive and pro-active approach has enabled my business to improve and show profits that I never imagined I could achieve in the 1st year. If you are looking for a professional and personalised approach to your advertising - I recommend Mr Search"

    Bronwen - Limelight Resumes, Sydney

  • "I would just like to write and express my thanks for the service you have provided to our Company. As a Director of Carestaff Nursing, Gold Coast, we realise that internet advertising is the most advantageous method of obtaining staff and clients. For this reason we left our previous provider on the premise that we received a service from Mr Search that is second to none, and any amount of assistance in the development and ongoing upgrading of our website. Well, let me say, everything you promised you have more than delivered. We are first on Google every time. Our enquiries have increased, and our presence in the marketplace is by far more fine tuned and accessible than ever before. Not being a member of the computer generation, I often had difficulty in understanding exactly what was required of me in this area that is not my specialty, especially with regard to editing and maintenance of our website. But now, all my questions are answered in a friendly efficient manner. Anything that I cannot manage I just have to ask and it is done. There is nothing that is too much trouble, and I no longer feel technologically inept. A great feeling. The service you offer is exceptional. Keep up the good work!"

    Toni - Nursing Agency

  • "Mr Search has helped our company substantially improve its web presence on many fronts. They've developed a great looking and search friendly website for our company that has quickly brought us to the top of the organic search pile. With Google AdWords, the number of qualified leads has increased by several fold while our monthly spend has been reduced! The Mr Search team has been great to work with and we are very happy with the results."

    Andrew - Global Pipe Australia

  • "Sanctuary Health & Wellbeing Village, from Sanitarium has been inspired by Sanitarium’s mission to make a genuine difference to people's health. Opening only 9 months ago and offering a unique concept of whole-person health and wellbeing services, Sanctuary Sanitarium not only wanted to establish itself with a presence, uniqueness and favourable reputation, but also develop a client base from scratch. Choosing to engage the services of Mr Search via a 2 month trial SEM Campaign brought Sanctuary immediate results - over 50% increase in traffic to our website with an equal increase in contribution from search engines. Not only was this result desirable from a numbers point of view, the additional trend insights offered by Mr Search and the regular Google analytics reports helped enormously in directing our marketing efforts. The initial campaign results lead us to continue on with the SEM Campaign and see further impressive results. Our experience has been that Joel is superb in his deliverance of customer service - delivering accurately and promptly every time. Not only has Joel provided technical assistance to Sanctuary in managing our account, he has gone above and beyond in spending time educating us on the world of insights made available through SEM and Google analytics - the insights of which are substantial and entirely fascinating. If you are looking to improve your businesses market position and want assistance in understanding the 'wide world of Google' I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon Mr Search's expertise."

    Sally - Program Director at Sanctuary Sanitarium

  • "The Google Adwords campaign setup by Mr Search provided us with a steady feed of well qualified new business leads. They took the time to understand our business which really helped to attract our niche audience."

    Josh - Marketing Manager at Cromwell

  • "We have been using Mr Search for about 5 years and we have never looked back. Customer support is fantastic and a lot of times they will do things out of the box to help customers out."

    Derek - Manager at Asunco Tinting

  • "Mr Search's efforts have been extraordinary. We have been overwhelmed with Google Adwords generated enquiries thanks to the hard work that Mr Search put into our campaign. We were so pleased with Mr Search's efforts in designing our landing page that we had Mr Search redesign our website, giving our website a fresh new modern look. Mr Search is prompt and personalised"

    M Munayer - AirSea Worldwide

  • "For the past nine years we have relied heavily upon Google advertising together with Mr Search who have ensured that our company is always on Google’s first page, without fail. It has worked so well, that we have slowly reduced all other types of media/advertising. Google is by far our best advertising performer and provides a good return on our ad spend budget. It has certainly been a pleasure working with Joel/Mr Seach and I have no hesitation in recommending them. They provide excellent client service and effective advertising at a very competitive price."

    Sue Estment - Vergola Gold Coast

  • "To Whom It may Concern,

    In my capacity as Online Manager for 4 large franchised car dealerships in Brisbane, I was in charge of the marketing of our websites which included Google Adwords.

    After looking at a number of companies we chose Mr Search to run our campaigns. Their approach seemed straight forward, honest and extremely knowledgeable and was exactly what we were looking for at the time. Our traffic to the websites and qualified enquiry has increased year on year and we could not be happier with the return on investment this is bringing us.

    They are always available to discuss any aspect of the campaign and email communication is always clear and prompt. While our models and needs change regularly they have always delivered new campaigns quickly and efficiently. If there is an issue with any of the campaigns they are very quick to realise this and are on the phone to discuss and give sound advice. We are regularly approached by other adword resellers but their service and fee never seem to be as good or as transparent as what we currently enjoy with My Search.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Search for your Google Adword advertising. In a space where there is a lot of confusion and perplexity I have been happy to place our trust in Mr Search."

    D Batley - Online Manager at Eagers Holden

  • "We were a little apprehensive about taking on such an advertising campaign at first, but after seven months we now realise that those initial fears were totally unfounded. The business has now doubled it's output and we have decided that we do not need to find further advertising avenues. We highly recommend Mr Search Google Advertising to all businesses out there that are looking to increase their Companies output, profile and bottom line"

    Basir - Production Manager (Building Industry, Melbourne, Vic)

  • "When I started my online business, I thought I could handle Google AdWords on my own. I did this for about 2 years, thinking that it just took time for people to find my website. I decided that I needed to improve my advertising, so I searched AdWords Advertising. Sure enough, Mr Search came up number one. I gave them a call, and they were immediately helpful, answering all my questions and proving to me that they could have me at the top of the sponsored searches! It was only after I signed up with Mr Search that I started a proper business. Traffic increased substantially as did sales. The customer service is exceptional, and I don't believe I'll ever need to look anywhere else for a Google AdWords campaign manager."

    Jennen - Manager (Specialist Online Retail Outlet, Melbourne Vic)

  • "I wish to record my satisfaction with the services provided by your company over the last five months. The results have been quite remarkable, with a 60% increase in my sales. Several of my competitors have commented on my Google positioning with a few congratulatory remarks. Thanks again for your work on my behalf."

    Ralph - Owner (Party Hire, Brisbane, QLD)

  • "Your service has been excellent! Before the Google Campaign we had almost no enquiries coming in through our website - only those that already had our pamphlet. Now, most of our enquiries are directly from the website and nearly all of them lead to bookings. I actually don't want to risk not having a good place on Google."

    Alex - Owner (Farmstay, NSW)

  • "Since we started with Mr Search eight weeks ago, the response has made a great difference to our business. Our enquires have doubled, therefore increasing our opportunity to increase our sales. We only wish that we had approached Mr Search much earlier."

    Lubinka - Director (Home Decor, Melbourne, Vic)

  • "On behalf of Toolman Rentals I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you have done in keeping our webpage ahead of the rest. It is not very often I come across such an efficient business man such as yourself. Any problems I had setting up the website were dealt with quickly and professionally and your assistance made it a pleasure. Your company has helped keep my other two businesses achieving high occupancy and high internet visibility. I would highly recommend you and your company to any business looking to improve their internet visibility."

    Chris - Toolman Rentals

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