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How do Google Ads and Sponsored Links Work?

  • Google's sponsored links appear above the 'organic' natural search results. When programmed properly, Google makes the sponsored links stand out from regular results by shading them in a light yellow colour.
  • By working with Mr Search® to set up a highly-comprehensive Google ads sponsored link campaign, we are able to get you right up the very top of Google Search results. It's very important for your business to be prominent in search results, so that people choose to click on your link and end up at your website! 80% of Google searchers don't even bother scrolling down the page, instead choosing a business who is at the top half of the first page! Therefore, if you are not on the first page of search results, you are missing out on the vast majority of people who are looking for your services!


Why get Mr Search® to set up a Google Ad Campaign?

  • Super-Fast results. Rather than waiting what usually takes months and months to begin to see your company featured prominently in Google search results, we can get you started on page one in as little as a few minutes with Google Sponsored Link Ads.
  • Measurability. Mr Search® measures the performance of your campaign, including how many enquiries/quote requests/sales/conversions you receive, and specifically, which keywords generate the best results! Mr Search® also provides clients with regular performance reports, so you know exactly which keywords people are searching for, and which keywords are generating the best results!
  • Easily make adjustments. Going away and don't feel like extra work? No problems, we can simply pause your campaign until you're ready to get going again, then easily resume it to begin delivering prominent exposure again.
  • Performance driven. You pay Mr Search® to design, program, maintain and optimise your Google presence for a 12-month period. Once you have paid for Mr Search's expertise, you only pay Google when someone CLICKS (i.e. after running a specific search relevant to your business, seeing your listing on the first page, and choosing to find out more about what your business can offer, by clicking on your listing and coming through to your website.


Read more about our unique approach: Why choose Mr Search?


Comprehensive Google Ad Campaign — Client Testimonial

  • "When I started my online business, I thought I could handle Google AdWords on my own. I did this for about 2 years, thinking that it just took time for people to find my website. I decided that I needed to improve my advertising, so I searched AdWords Advertising. Sure enough, Mr Search came up number one. I gave them a call, and they were immediately helpful, answering all my questions and proving to me that they could have me at the top of the sponsored searches! It was only after I signed up with Mr Search that I started a proper business. Traffic increased substantially as did sales. The customer service is exceptional, and I don't believe I'll ever need to look anywhere else for a Google AdWords campaign manager."

    Jennen - Manager (Specialist Online Retail Outlet, Melbourne Vic)




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