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Why? We'll let these Australian Internet Stats do the Talking:

  • Internet Ad Revenues Rise to Historic $17 Billion in First Half 2012, Up 14% Over Half-Year 2011, According to IAB. This performance is compared to the landmark $14.9 billion reported for the first six months of 2011. Businesses are increasingly investing in online advertising because it is so effective, and as the number of searches being run each year continues to increase. It's vital for your business to take it's online presence very seriously as customers increasingly research and shop online. (See the IAB article here).
  • "We did some research recently and it showed most Australian businesses are struggling: two businesses are having revenue decline for every one that is having revenue growth at the moment...But you are 50 per cent more likely to be in the group where your revenue is growing if your business has a website." This is a recent statement from Tim Reed, CEO of MYOB. Mr Reed said the gap would widen as bandwidth and internet speeds, which will grow with the NBN, improved and consumers conducted more business online.  Having a strong online presence does make a big difference. It not only makes life easier for prospective customers, and provides greater reach, but also has a huge impact on your bottom line! Make sure having a strong online presence remains a top priority for your business. (See Australian Sydney Morning Herald article here).
  • The number of internet connections will reach 18.9 billion by 2016, up from 10.3 billion in 2011, driven by a proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, according to an annual survey by Cisco Systems Inc. (See Australian Sydney Morning Herald article here).
  • It’s safe to say that Australia’s mobile revolution isn’t coming - it’s already here. More than half of the Australian population now owns a smartphone, which means that more than half your customers do too, and have Google in their pocket, which is increasingly used for making purchase based decisions. (See Google Australia Blog post here).
  • World Internet population has doubled in the last 5 years. This year the number of Internet users worldwide reached 2.27 billion, almost exactlytwice what it was in 5 years ago, 1.15 billion. We all know the Internet is big, but this kind of growth really puts things into perspective. (See Pingdom post here).
  • Approximately 61% of smartphone users run local web searches on their phones, according to a new study conducted by comScore and released by Localeze and 15miles. The majority of these users are ready to buy: 72% of those people surveyed said they made a purchase during their most recent smartphone-based local search. There’s simply no denying that mobile is where your customers are and where you need to be. (See Search Engine Land post here).
  • Google makes more money from advertising than all U.S. print publications combined, according to a new study from German statistics company Statista. Just another sign of where your business should prioritise it's advertising... (See CNET post here)
  • What will the NBN mean for your business? The National Broadband Network isn't just about much faster web surfing; it's about new ways to do business. From a consumer perspective, the NBN will only result in Australian's spending more time online, thus making it even more important for your business to maximise it's online presence. (See Smart Company post here).


If you are a business owner (or look after the marketing for your business), we hope that the above Australian internet stats give you some inspiration to take your businesses online presence seriously. If you're looking for a quility provider who can assist you in gaining consistently high exposure within Google Search results via a comprehensive Google AdWords campaign, please feel free to contact us today.


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