Is there more to AdWords than first meets the eye?

Traffic through the door doesn't guarantee money in the bank. Our focus is on ROI

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Make Google AdWords run at its full potential for your business

  • Google AdWords is a very powerful tool for businesses. It allows front page Google exposure with fast results. However, this is just the beginning!
  • Although you may already be seeing results from your existing AdWords campaign, It is very important that your campaign is optimised and managed to run at its full potential.
  • Effective AdWords management and optimisation must be centred on the ROI (return-on-investment) of your AdWords campaign. It is vital for your campaign to be focused on specific keywords, that you KNOW, provide a high ROI for your business. If this isn't the case, there's a very good chance you're pouring money down the drain on AdWords keywords which are of NO benefit to your business!
  • Mr Search® designs, programs, maintains and optimises your Google AdWords campaign, provides regular performance reports and keeps in regular contact to ensure your business is receiving maximum ROI via comprehensive exposure within Google search results.


With Mr Search Google AdWords Qualified professionals managing your campaign, your business will really take off.

Our unique and holistic AdWords Management strategy:

  • AdWords click costs can often become a lot cheaper through proper AdWords management and also a lot more qualified (e.g. less click expenditure, and higher rates of enquiry).
  • Mr Search® understands Google's quality score and AdWords ranking algorithms, ensuring we can deliver highest possible Google rankings at the lowest possible cost per click.
  • Our campaigns are extremely comprehensive. Most people have worn themselves out by the time they finish setting up their second AdWords AdGroup. It is not at all unusual for Mr Search® to program and manage hundreds of AdGroups with thousands of dynamically changing text-ads within a single campaign. This provides enormous benefit to your business, through maximum exposure accross ALL relevant keywords, with ad copy that is 100% targeted, therefore translating into high click-through rates, and the lowest possible cost per click from Google.
  • Both Google™ and Mr Search® love statistics. Statistics are interesting, but when you realise how statistics are used to track real world outcomes and help increase your businesses sales and return-on-investment, you will begin to LOVE them!
  • Through ongoing analysis of campaign and keyword KPI's combined with optimisation, Mr Search® is able to target buyers of your products and services, not just browsers.
  • If you have done a spot of AdWords or internet marketing for your own business or perhaps already have someone managing your campaign, or have any questions, or would like us to take a look over your AdWords campaign, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our friendly staff, so we can overview your account, and give you a run down on areas for improvement


Read more about our unique approach: Why choose Mr Search?


Google AdWords Management Client Testimonial

  • "When I started my online business, I thought I could handle Google AdWords on my own. I did this for about 2 years, thinking that it just took time for people to find my website. I decided that I needed to improve my advertising, so I searched AdWords Advertising. Sure enough, Mr Search came up number one. I gave them a call, and they were immediately helpful, answering all my questions and proving to me that they could have me at the top of the sponsored searches! It was only after I signed up with Mr Search that I started a proper business. Traffic increased substantially as did sales. The customer service is exceptional, and I don't believe I'll ever need to look anywhere else for a Google AdWords campaign manager."

    Jennen - Manager (Specialist Online Retail Outlet, Melbourne Vic)




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